chapter 1,

Sometimes it's important to simply begin somewhere, and embark upon a journey that seems worth taking. In this chapter, we travel the world through the interesting stories we discover along the way.

chapter 2,

Passion for the arts fuel the stories featured in this chapter. We learn about individuals who are pushing themselves creatively beyond a comfort zone and sharing their tremendous gifts with the world. They prove that a creative life requires devotion to the craft and nothing comes easy.

chapter 3,

From Bombay to Brooklyn, we explore spaces, big and small, in the way we live, travel, work and create.

chapter 4,

In this chapter, we bring you the stories of global citizens who have consistently defined their sense of style by blending cultural influences from both the East and West. In an ever-changing world, these creatives prove that both traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques can be carried with élan.

chapter 5,

The written word has proved powerful since the beginning of time. It has been a vehicle for circulating ideas, conveying emotions, preserving history, sharing stories and more.

chapter 6,

We consider the gifts of Mother Nature through recipes, historical stories and rituals surrounding what nourishes us.

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