Abhay Deol Makes Himself at Home in Goa


A 'home' for me is a comfortable space. Furnished just enough to be cosy without being too ornate. Big sofas and lamps are a must and my home in Goa is a big space with ceilings as high as 23 feet in places. I used glass in place of concrete through most of the house to create a larger feel. Personally, I have almost never used marble, preferring wood, stone, tiles, or even concrete instead. I have open brick walls in my home, four poster beds and lots of colourful covers and blinds. Glass walls and French windows let in a lot of light so the place is bright during the day. I prefer the contemporary feel over the classic. A home reflects your personality. It creates an atmosphere. So it's important to be creative with your space. You don't need to follow a trend or a magazine, though I have incorporated new eco-friendly technologies like solar and rain water harvesting. I try to be as independent of the grid as possible. I like to keep the furnishings to a minimum to avoid clutter and to enhance a certain simplicity.

Abhay Deol, Actor

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