If Only…


If only the earth could tell tales and reveal all

An abode for a lifetime? Or a sojourn in all?
Parts of the same affair, but not a word exchanged
If only the earth could unveil why it’s so calm.
Seeking to unravel the unspoken conversation
The curiosity grows, in pursuit to hear her talk.
If only the earth could whisper her thoughts.

by Shreya Tyagi

If only
Cried the Earth.
If only;
These wretched humans knew their limits,
If only;
They stopped trying to bend me to their will;
Stopped destroying me to suit their whims.
If only they’d stop tearing me limb from limb
If only,
They understood that the thriving of their kind;
Was dependent on this anatomy of mine.
If only…..

by Suvarna Singh

If only, pewter wasn’t the one colour,
That caste itself over the expansive sky
Today’s cerulean clarity wouldn’t have been a surprise.
If only, I wasn’t so accustomed to,
Puffs of smoke from motored carriers and chimneys mingling into my breath,
The crystalline air of the hills wouldn’t petrify the microsomes of my being.
If only, parched, dusty roads, drooping trees weren’t the sight I saw on the usual
The raindrops of scanty monsoons wouldn’t astound me.

If only…

by Devki Nehra

What if we could relive a day, redefine our existence, and undo some mistakes?
Probably the lush green gardens could spring out of the history books,
And crystalline skies would shine over the deep dark forests,
Perhaps Simba would rule without the confines of chains and bars this time,
And even rain might stop burning holes through our existence.
The mechanical air could turn fresh for once,
If only we could relive a day,
If only we could redefine our existence,
If only we could undo some mistakes,
Maybe we would be able to know happiness.

by Aakanksha Peshawaria

If only,
We went back in time and erased the words your and mine.
If only,
We celebrated our lives and loved each soul for the heart they enshrined.
If only,
We could realize we are paving a road for our own destruction,
And maybe erase the borders that force a separation.
If only,
We could love each other for the blood in our veins,
And not file humanity in various categories of hatred and reigns.
If only we could live to flourish, for one and for all.
And not live lives in fear, divisiveness and ‘sadly, ever afters’, and in our own fall.

by Chhaya Dabas

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