State of Bliss

Themes of love and longing have stood alongside in poetic masterpieces of yesteryear as the bhakta or devotee longs to be united with the beloved while on a journey of bliss and fulfillment in discovering this union. Blogger Seetal Kaur of Two Brown Girls plays the leading role in this photo essay using Indian classical dance and historic quotes as an expression to evoke feelings of spiritual yearning.

The Devotee’s Song

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One-half of blogging duo ‘Two Brown Girls’, Seetal has a deep passion for creative and cultural practices. Born into a Punjabi Sikh family, she was surrounded by Indian classical music and dance from a young age and now trains in Kathak. Catch her tweeting @seetal_

Photos by Jashan, also known as Bubblejash on Instagram,  who is a full-time Computer Science with Management student at the University of Leicester with a profound passion for photography, history, storytelling and art. When she is not behind a computer screen, she often focuses her time and work on documentary photography. In her spare time, she is a self-proclaimed mermaid in water and can often be found or hiding behind a book of her choice in a small café. She has taken most of her influences and artistic direction from her family, especially her Grandfather and Mother, who from a young age have filled her mind with the beauty of music, arts and religion from all corners of the world by celebrating the wonderfully dynamic connection that they share.

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