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Navi K. Gill wrote this tender piece titled “The Land Where My Heart Lies” to express her deep longing to be in the heart of India. Whenever she is away from her love, her mother’s land, her quest remains to somehow find a way back.

The Land Where My Heart Lies

by Navi K. Gill

There is a place where I come alive, it is my mother’s land. This is a place where I have been for lifetimes, where my father and forefathers were born and where my gurus sacrificed.

When I think of this land of colour, of love, mystery and God, my own spirit comes to life. It is in this land where my heart lies, it beats with the sound of her temple drums, and is coloured red from her earth.

This land and I, we dance a beautiful dance together as she entices me to come to her time and time again. Her songs call to my heart and her beauty fills my eyes. I cannot deny her; she is too much a part of me. She is like my mother; constantly teaching me lessons I must know, revealing ancient mysteries of god and invoking love deep from the depths of this heart.

Each time she calls, I come running and fall at her feet to collect my heart I have left with her each time before. She greets me with warmth and sunlight as she holds me in her arms and feeds each my senses beyond measure. When I am strong again, my heart resumes its rhythm, matching her every beat; our dance begins.

This is the land where my heart lies.


Navi in Lonavla, Maharashtra, India. (November ’15)

Navi Gill is a certified holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, avid soul adventure-traveller and advocate of joyful living.


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