“Home Is Where The Art Is” According to Priyanka Bose


Photo: Mark Bennington, MUA: Sandhya Shekhar

“They say HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. I have just learnt that HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS. As an artist it is very stifling for me to understand that I could grow as an individual in one place. I want to be in a lot of places, doing and experiencing a lot of things. But yes, I cannot do it from a bag alone. I have a base in Mumbai, but I want to be able to make home anywhere, wherever my work takes me.

Mostly it begins from introducing a plant in a new place. Something living. Something that breaths. From there it always goes into how I can take care of my well-being, like eating the food I make. We are all blessed with great cooks in India—that is not so affordable abroad, so I try to be as self-sufficient as possible.

As a child we have always moved homes to different neighborhoods. So I still have to move things around. I have no attachment to spaces and furniture or anything material like that. I can make that anywhere. I miss connections with people. I like experiences like that. That is home for me.”

—Priyanka Bose, Actress {Priyanka can be seen next in the international production Lion (2016) alongside Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel}

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