The Art of Letting Go

A Postcard from Sayali Goyal: Benares, India

Calm between the chaos. That was the state of Benares and inside of me. I was here to let go. Sometimes rituals are just a way of truly believing that something is gone. Sitting on the ghats in the evening, watching crowds, all in the attempt to let go. A sense of both a beginning and an ending. A moaning. A joy. A tear. A smile. When I think of Benares, I think of the smell of still water, marigolds, kumkum, and oil from the kachoris, and the comfort of walking in crowded streets. Invisible.

Varanasi (Benares), Uttar Pradesh, India

Sayali Goyal is a textile artist and travel writer/photographer who believes that travel is a soul searching journey that allows her to experience all things she feels passionate about: architecture, culture, food, philosophy and art. She is fascinated with the idea of living in different places and meeting other travellers. A nature lover and vintage collector, Sayali hopes to keep growing her life experiences.

Find more of her writing and photographs on her website Cocoa and Jasmine and Instagram.

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