Embracing the Sahara Desert

A Postcard From Hina Ansari: Sahara Desert, Morocco

It was a dream come true. I wanted to spend New Years Eve camping out in the Sahara. A perfect way to say goodbye to the old and embrace the fresh start that January 1st always brings. So I made it happen with a fabulous country-wide trek through Morocco over Christmas which led up to the pièce de résistance: the desert. I forever longed to lose myself in the remarkable silence among the dunes. Letting the golden sands embrace me. And I embrace them. 

Hina relishes in her desire to explore the world past her doorstep. When she’s not writing articles for national publications or flirting with the idea of penning her first novel, she is busy looking to the world around her for inspiration and possibly the makings of her next big getaway. You can find her on IG @hpa4462 or Twitter @hinapansari

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