Mandala Making

I love painting mixed-media abstracts and affirmation mandalas. I also tend to infuse words or quotes into my work which often reflect how I’m feeling that day. I believe in the beauty of imperfections and messes so almost all of my work mirrors this! Rarely do I use a pencil to draw or plan something, but work straight away with my fingers and hands. For me, this process is intuitive and liberating. My hope is that the viewer is filled with warmth and positivity after looking at my art. The main inspirations for my work are rooted in my Jainism faith. My mandalas are usually inspired from the designs I’ve seen in Jain temples. I am also inspired by many Indian artists on Instagram who are currently living in western countries. I love to see how they weave their Indian roots into their work which in turn inspires me to do the same! You can follow my art journey on Instagram @tarrangart.

Charmi Shah

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